About Us

Dense phase pneumatic conveying is our forte. Not only are we involved in the engineering and design of bulk material handling technology, we also pride ourselves on our service and solutions. Low velocity, dense phase systems handle materials ranging from brittle to abrasive, damp and dry, lumpy or mono-sized, and protect the integrity of the product and equipment moving it. Often our custom tailored arrangements are designed for particles that dilute phase systems have difficulty with or mechanical systems cannot transport without spillage.

Pressure valves such as the Inflatek Valveļæ½ are another product Mactenn Systems manufactures. Our valves perform at a high standard against hostile conditions common in so many industries. The pressure vessels we design are compatible with an array of standards. For those fiscally minded customers, our innovative methods provide answers to a tight maintenance budget and shot blast systems featuring media recovery. In our 35-plus years we have benefited clients with installations numbering in the tens of thousands worldwide.

Our systems stand out because we engineer bold solutions to old problems.

Primary Company Locations

Our four main company locations manufacture to a global community. The international headquarters is established in the United States and other manufacturing facilities are in the United Kingdom, China, and India.

United States
Macawber Engineering Inc.

United Kingdom
Mactenn Systems

Macawber China Ltd.

Macawber India Pvt. Ltd.


We have approved licensee arrangement with PDL Sistemas Ltda. in Brazil.


Reaching out to more markets not only helps us as a company to grow, but also educates the public to new technology options. The people on the forefront are our skilled representatives. The network of representatives are right in your neighborhood and can relay your unique needs more efficiently. The representatives zero in on the needs of your community because it is their community too. A minimum two day training session is conducted regularly at our headquarters as well as at the representative's company. This constant interaction upholds the quality image we require with product education and the art of custom tailoring to client's expectations.

History of our Company

Our beginnings are rooted in the United Kingdom in Doncaster, Yorkshire where the name "Macawber" was coined in 1973. The company developed Macawber Engineering, Inc. in 1976 across the pond in the United States in Maryville, Tennessee. Eight years later the UK company was sold and the Tennessee company was developed into a international headquarters. It would not be a long absence from the UK as a sister company, Mactenn Systems, was established in Suffolk and now sustains our innovative engineering developments. Manufacturing operations are located in the US and UK companies with fully equipped machining and fabricating shops as well as a project management aptitude.

In 1995 Macawber Engineering took a progressive step into India by starting a joint venture, Macawber India Pvt. Ltd.  This broadened our global presence for customers in central Asia who for over a decade have responded enthusiastically to our dense phase pneumatic conveying technology, Inflatek Valves, and pressure vessels. Further expansion was just on the horizon as Macawber Group rolled out Macawber China in 2004, a wholly owned foreign enterprise (WOFE).  Taking advantage of the exponential development in China, Macawber China has grown at an  unexpected rate.

The international influence of the Macawber Group continues to grow.  Our dense phase pneumatic conveying technology is available around the globe. We provide customers world wide with solutions that carry a creative flare for common problems, because bulk handling issues are occurring everday.

Company Accreditation and Certificates

Our achievements are measured by satisfied customers of the Mactenn and the Macawber Group. In order to maintain that expectation of excellence, we have engaged in upholding several internationally recognised standards and trusted accreditations able to meet local requirements.