One of the notable features of Mactenn (a sister company of Macawber Engineering Inc. in the US) pneumatic conveying systems is their ability to handle hot materials. We first encountered hot material applications in the foundry industry. A common application is the handling of hot knock-out sand (the remains of the sand mold after the hot metal has been poured and the casting made) which could reach temperatures of 350-400C°.

The problem with transporting hot material of this nature had always been an effective filling valve that would perform well in these high temperatures. To address this need we added to our Inflatek® Valve range a design that could operate at high temperatures without impairment of performance. Our standard Inflatek® Valve operates up to 100C° without any change to its design, and special seals can increase this range to 200C°. To be able to exceed 200C°, we designed our valve to include water cooling up to 350C°. Today this added capability enables us to address many different and difficult materials handling applications not just within the foundry industry but also in the petrochemical and other industries.