Mactenn is proud to announce that Lysair Air Solutions will become the exclusive representative of Mactenn in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. They will also be the non-exclusive representative in France.


Lysair will develop the market for dense phase pneumatic conveying systems in Benelux and France. The parties will combine forces; Lysair will add scope to its existing offering by including Mactenn’s dense-phase equipment such as pressure vessels and Inflatek® Valves.  Lysair will in turn provide fabrication of the additional materials such as piping, filters, etc. as well as equipment installations.


Mactenn is pleased to have the opportunity to co-operate with Lysair. Mactenn's product range is complimentary to Lysair's. Lysair is known for it's strength and know-how in dilute phase pneumatic transport and dust handling installations, providing high quality solutions.


Lysair specializes in techniques destined for environmental conservation developing and producing installations for industrial de-dusting, pneumatic transporters and flue gas scrubbing.


Lysair offers a wide range of products including:

-Piping and Ducting in Steel

-Stainless Steel

-Galzanized Steel



-Scrubbers for wet and dry applications


-Rotary valves


We look forward to this collaboration and welcome them to the team.


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