Mactenn Systems Ltd. is part of Macawber Group, specializing in the dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems.

The Group has stayed true to its core business for over 40 years. While other companies have been distracted by diversification and/or been taken over by larger companies, the Group has stayed on the course for becoming an expert in everything related to low velocity, dense-phase pneumatic conveying, frequently called in to deal with difficult to handle materials and to solve unique customer requirements. Our reputation is attributed to our high standards in everything that we do from paying detailed attention to our customers' needs to reliable and efficient designs, high quality products and customer service. We truly know what we are doing and take great pride in it.

Technology: Low Velocity

Our proprietary technology, designed and manufactured in-house, excels due to our knowledge and experience in low velocity pneumatic conveying. Low velocity, dense-phase pneumatic conveying is the preferred method for many materials handling processes as almost all applications benefit from a regime that provides the heaviest line loading and the lowest material velocity. These attributes also provide the greatest conveying gas economies for efficient power consumption. The applications that often benefit most from low velocity are related to materials that are difficult to handle with more conventional methods such as mechanical and dilute conveying systems. In the case of fragile and abrasive materials where eliminating material degradation and wear is important, material is conveyed at very low velocities of 1-3 meters/seconds. The main benefits of low velocity conveying are:

  • Low air and energy consumption
  • No or minimal material degradation
  • No or minimal component, pipe and bend wear
  • No or minimal material segregation


Our experience extends to just about every process industry from foods to minerals, combustion to chemicals and others, with the ability to handle thousands of materials from pebble lime to peanuts, biomass ash to baby powder. To-date the Macawber Group has installed over 25,000 systems worldwide, many of which have remained in operation for decades providing an excellent return for investment. The best systems are designed by people who truly know what they are doing.


Our systems are designed in-house with quality, flexibility, reliability and efficiently in mind. We realize that every requirement is unique and therefore, our equipment is designed to be able to accommodate. Our systems come in different sizes, materials of construction, control options, design pressures and are able to handle temperatures up to 350°C and with special design considerations, even higher. We offer a wide range of proprietary ancillary equipment such as bends, switch valves, terminal boxes, dump valves and other equipment to complement our pneumatic conveying equipment. And once a scope has been agreed, we can offer installation services.

  • Low maintenance with only one moving part
  • Robust proprietary Inflatek ® Valve in the heart of the system
  • User-friendly with simple operations and fully automated controls
  • Only few spare parts required
  • Limited downtime
  • No pipeline air boosters
  • Simple installation and retrofit


Due to our strong focus on quality in system design and our extensive experience we are able to offer a 24 month warranty (terms and conditions apply) which exceeds the standard industry warranty of 12 months, a benefit that adds value.


  • Experienced technical support
  • Replacement parts normally available ex-stock
  • Commissioning and field service support
  • Factory refurbishments
  • Application engineering for retrofit when requirement change
  • Operating and maintenance training


Our manufacturing base services Europe, North-Africa, Middle-East, Ukraine, Russian Federation, Belorussia, Albania, Moldavia and Kazakhstan. The Macawber Group operates worldwide with additional manufacturing bases in the USA, China, India and Brazil. Customer support is available via representatives and associates.