Dense Phase Conveying

Dense Phase - Full PipelineDense Phase - Full Pipeline

The difference in pressure is higher
Material velocities are at their lowest
Material fills the pipeline

Dense Phase - Slug FlowDense Phase - Slug Flow

dense  phase dune flow
The difference in pressure is medium-high
Material velocities are low
Material forms dunes while being conveyed

Dense Phase - Bed FlowDense Phase - Bed Flow

The difference in pressure is medium
Material velocities are medium to high
The saltation velocity is achieved for some particles in the material which partially fluidises to convey above a bed of material moving slower

Lean Phase (Dilute PhaseLean Phase (Dilute Phase)

The difference in pressure is lower
Material velocity is highest
The saltation velocity for all the particles is achieved which causes the material as a whole to be conveyed within the gas stream