Pneumatic Conveying

Inflatek Valve®

Provides reliable leak proof seal that prevents ultra fine powders as well as abrasive granules from seeping into vessels. A valve that requires low maintenance and simple inspection makes it easy on the whole process it is involved in.


Its innovative yet simple design is the reason it is so versatile in bulk material conveying. Having only one moving part, it is low on maintenance and does not consume manpower or energy in its operation. Fully compliant with ATEX standards and can meet the high temperature needs of many processes.


With its low profile, it is able to squeeze in tight spots where dilute phase systems can not go. This model can handle the rigors of transporting ash with temperatures as high as 350°C.  A variety of ashes ranging from the light biomass ash to the gritty waste fuels ash are easily handled and transferred using a single pipeline from multiple feed points. 


When abrasive products are conveyed with low velocity, it translates to low pipe wear and fewer bend replacements. Economical in its design and operation, it facilitates a dust free environment.


Specially designed for long distance conveying of cement and certain other fine powders. It is an easy retrofit to an operation accustom to screw pumps. Smaller compressors are required for its function which means more energy savings.


Allows the convenience of a fully automated system in the places hard to reach. The short and compact design provides material transfer with low energy consumption. The totally enclosed vessel creates a dust free environment and its fully automated controls can be operated remotely.


For those systems that have a large amount of material needed at long distances. Power cost are lowered by this technology that employs no motors, has one moving part and does not use pipe boosters along the conveying line.


When the tonnage required is great and the distance is hundreds of meters away. The control package for this model is fully automated.  Materials that are abrasive are conveyed in a dense phase method which prevents pipe wear and high maintenance costs.


Can overcome unpredictable back pressures and still provide a 3% injection accuracy rate. This exceptional pressure balancing process has benefited our clients whose applications demand high precision.


Often we encounter materials with poor flow characteristics. To overcome this challenge, we have developed this technology to aid the flow of the customer's product into our equipment. This small addition to the feed arrangement ensures prompt vessel filling.

Ancillary Equipment

We provide a one-stop shop for clients who purchase our state of the art systems. You can take advantage of our expertise as we develop a pneumatic conveying system custom-tailored to your process and requirements.