The simple devise ensures performance without being over designed and costly. Able to transfer materials with temperatures as high as 350°C. Various types of ashes have been conveyed in all types of arrangements whether being fed by single or multiple outlets. It provides leak proof and spill free transfer of ash in the places where environmental standards are at the highest level.    


Year round we provide several Multiashflo systems. 


Multiashflo shipment for ash conveying customer


Often we see an ESP field that can take full advantage of a in-series arrangement as illustrated in the diagram.

Key Features

Low equipment profile allows installation in places once using screw conveyors.

A single pipeline can be used by multiple vessels bringing simplicity to large baghouses and electrostatic participators.

Above and beyond strict environmental standards when it comes to dust containment.

Fully automated controls allows operation without the attendance of an operator.

Up to 9 vessels can be arranged on a single pipeline.

Multiple types of ash such as fly ash, biomass ash, sinter dust, etc have been successfully conveyed.

Less conveying air needed means energy savings on plant compressors and requires smaller exhaust filters.