Test Center

Research, Development and Testing Services

The company's research, test and development resources perform a range of duties to support our marketing, sales, and engineering efforts.

Customer materials are examined and classified in our materials characterization laboratory to permit a full understanding of the expected performance of the materials in our various system types.

Full-size transfer and injection systems operate with large material samples to provide meaningful performance data in order to achieve the optimum design for the selected system.

Test performance data is acquired automatically and processed by computer to provide an on-line analysis of various system parameters. For example, when material velocity is established throughout any part of the system, peak and mean air consumption rates can be calculated immediately.

An extensive library of past material test data is on hand to support our analysis of new applications. Experienced engineers provide the continuity required to ensure the effectiveness of our test facilities.

A continuous conceptual research program also ensures that we maintain our lead in our specialized field. In recent years Mactenn's R & D has made major contributions to innovation in the industry.