Material Handling

Bulk materials presents unique challenges to all industries involved, but today's environmental standards bring the need for reassessment and changes in perspective. Some companies work with materials that are so hazardous that any loss of material while it is being transferred is a threat to employees as well as the surrounding environment. Mactenn has the answer: totally enclosed transporter systems, which make material handling so much easier and more efficient. Our dustless conveying technology has benefited thousands of clients facing the hurdles of retrofitting existing plants or having to start from the ground up.

Material Handling services from Mactenn

Mactenn Systems General Material Handling

Name your material; Mactenn probably has a system in operation today transporting it. Whether your material nature is explosive, hazardous, hygroscopic, dense, fragile, or hot; we can present you with options. Even abrasive materials do not faze us simply because of how often we have pneumatically conveyed rough hard particles without wearing down pipe routes often surpassing 250 meters! Plus you will find your system operators will have the advantage of prompt responding controls that make it easy to conduct compound procedures.

The many different types of companies out there that we have assisted are simply too numerous to mention as well as the number of possible Mactenn systems we have equipped them with. Our conveying systems present efficiencies that are timeless to the ever evolving process needs.