Our systems are designed with quality, flexibility, reliability, and efficiency in mind. We realise that every requirement is unique and therefore, our equipment is designed to be able to accomodate. Our systems come in different sizes, materials of construction, control options, design pressures, and are able to handle temperatures up to 350 degrees C and higher with special design considerations.

We offer a wide range of proprietary ancillary equipment such as bends, switch valves, terminal boxes, dump valves, and other equipment to complement our pneumatic conveying equipment. And once a scope has been agreed on, we can offer installation services.

Characteristics of Our Designs:

*Low maintenance with only one moving part

*Robust proprietary Inflatek´┐Ż

*User friendly with simple operations and fully automated controls

*Only a few spare parts required

*Limited downtime

*No pipeline air boosters

*Simple installation and retrofit