Valves and Pressure Vessels

Allows a single pipe route to be used even in the cases of multiple reception points. In some cases, applications with two pipelines can be reconfigured so that for one segment there could be a single line shared. Directs material promptly with fully automated controls.

Switch Valves

With the inclusion of two Inflatek Valves or two pinch valves, an air-tight seal is created and the material is directed to remotely located reception points. Material delivery can be directed to more than one pipe route.  

Series Diverters

When there are several reception ports in a series of one another, special valves can be used to divert material either into a specified port or to by-pass it onto another port. Economically allows the use of one pipeline where before the only other option was to install multiple pipe.

End Diverters

Used at the termination point of a pipe line to direct the material into a silo or other reception point.  Unlike a standard pipe bend, the End Diverter has an abrasion resistant deflector plate which is accessible for simple maintenance.