Advanced Ash Conveying and Handling Systems from Mactenn

Macawber Mactenn Pneumatic Conveying Ash ConveyingA versatile solution and lower maintenance demand than chain or screw conveyors, our advanced ash conveying systems offer dust free operations that can handle high temperatures. Dense phase conveyors need just a fraction of the head room that is required by dilute phase machinery.

Numerous customers have equipped their baghouses and electrostatic precipitators with Mactenn pneumatic conveying systems units to fulfill the need for transfers going to silos located at great distances. Our technology has answers to the problems of moving cohesive or sticky or hot ashes and dusts of all types. Even fluid bed combustors are fitted with our economical conveyors. All these options and yet everything is automated by a seemless control panel.

The MultiAshFlo®

The MultiAshFlo® from Mactenn, is able to transfer materials with temperatures as high as 350°C. Various types of ashes have been conveyed in all types of arrangements whether being fed by single or multiple outlets. It provides leak proof and spill free transfer of ash in the places where environmental standards are at the highest level.

You can fid our more about the MultiAshFlo® here.


ESP's and Baghouses:

ESP's and Baghouses

ESP's and Baghouses


Ash Conveying - Understanding Different Ash Types

Understanding Different Ash Types

Though our company has the experience of witnessing all types of ash and dust, over the 30 plus years we have been in operation, we still encounter customers with unique materials. Our research and development labs can review your product and not only quantify the characteristics that would influence the transfer behavior, but open the door to your options we can recommend and provide.